Emerald painted cabinet with gold trim

After several days of very hard work, Nic Parnell’s side cabinet has been finished – built by one of our Apprentices Kevin (pictured above).

It’s made from reclaimed ply taken off a building site next to Boxpark in Shoreditch, as well as brass pressure fittings and copper piping.

The whole piece was based on a prototype developed by Nick, who then taught Kevin how to build and finish it. Kevin learnt how to use the router, how to build precision joints, how to apply the unique finish that Nic developed for the piece, and a host of other valuable making skills.

The finish in particular we’re very proud of. It’s a secret recipe, but we encourage you to come down and see this piece (and more furniture from our Emerald Collection) at any of the events below – and run your hands along it. A highly textured, super durable and marbled green surface, wrapped around a pretty unusual piece of furniture. A very proud day for Kevin, Nic and the entire project!